Widget Pro: Custom Widgets

Widget Pro: Custom Widgets

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Widget Pro: Custom Widgets

Use Widget Pro app for changing your screen styles and customizing your phone themes. Enjoy the variety of wallpapers and screen colors

Widget Pro app is the coolest way to make your screen unique. Thousands of happy users rate it high, and leave their reviews of appreciation.

For those who are into their phone look customizing and new styles finding, Widget Pro might be the best solution. It offers all the new trends one may seek.

Best widget styles on Widget Pro

There are no limits to what you can update and modify on your phone with Widget Pro.

Regardless of your choice, the eventual visual enjoyment will be complete.

  • Wallpapers
  • Clock
  • Weather
  • Pedometer
  • Calendar
  • Photo gallery

If you thought all these screen elements are just helpful but boring, re-consider that with Widget Pro. It suggests indeed stylish alternatives.

Minimalistic metallic or black-and-white designs, energizing red and orange patterns, in fact, hundreds of cool themes are available.

Whether you’re in the festive or reserved mood, Widget Pro has options for you. Change them multiple times a day if you need this kind of refreshment.

Reasons to personalize my screen

Modern users dislike feeling stuck in the routine of any kind. Many develop a good taste and crave self-expression, even in little details.

Widget Pro exactly provides such an opportunity. One can even set his screen theme in accordance with his breakfast, room design, clothes coloring, or any hobby.

This possibility attracts grateful users worldwide. Whether they are cheerful teens or serious office workers, they adjust their screen the way they like.

  • At work: show to others you’re a creative person who likes high design.
  • At home: define your territory and fill it with your own style only.
  • In a relationship: add your beloved’s favorite elements to your screen.

Personalizing one’s phone look indeed helps in friendships, business connections, and raising your own self-esteem. We are what we look at, and visual perception matters.

Is Widget Pro safe for me

There are apps purely functional for users’ daily activities online, but also harmless for them.

Widget Pro is one of them. It doesn’t collect or gather users’ info, except for some technical data like their preferred themes.

One can be sure his personal content is safe when installing Widget Pro on his iPhone or iPad.

The app is recommended by many specialists and experts as well-proved and secure.

When using the Family Sharing option, one can also be ensured his folks are only comforted by the app and risk nothing.

It is known Widget Pro isn’t glitchy or buggy in any way. It is never down and serves its users with the utmost stability.

Top color themes on Widget Pro

The Luscher color test and other popular quizzes are showing to us how much coloring nuances affect out mind and our mood.

Best apps like Widget Pro take into account this impact and offer all the spectrum or colored designs for users’ screens, affecting them positively.

The app users do report good changes after installing Widget Pro. They have noticed their vision is better protected now, and their spirit has lifted up.

Inspirational patterns and skins for the iPhone make it look fancier, even if it isn’t the latest phone version. Therefore, you gain more prestige.

Finally, trying new coloring in between your favorite icons and widgets is simply fun. This top app for trendy folks helps fight boredom, indeed.

Is Widget Pro better than other apps

A big choice of widget changers in the market can be confusing for newbies. But Widget Pro does have its benefits and advantages.

  • It is free
  • 500+ styles available
  • Updated frequently

Ability to use Widget Pro free attracts young students and workers worldwide. All basic features come at no cost.

The variety of choices is also extremely attractive. Developers make sure to add new styles and designs regularly.

No one likes feeling old-fashioned or out of date in our times. Widget Pro keeps its users in tune with modern tendencies in screen designs and colors.

One is getting notified about new updates and can check for new skins or widgets nearly every day. Non-actual patterns are getting replaced with fresh ones.

Clock and weather widgets

Many of us start our day from checking the weather, and we do take a look at the clock on our screen all the time.

It is vital for us, therefore, to keep them aesthetically looking and motivating.

Widget Pro is literally the best answer to those interested in their phone great looks.

Whenever you are asked by your buddies or close people about the time and weather, you can demonstrate the most stylish screen ever, and impress them with your designs.

Follow the trends as easily as you follow fashion. Widget Pro is of great help for those who cares to stay influential and cool.

Calendar widget

Another asset we are using daily is Calendar. Who doubts it should look stylish and business-like? It’s super easy with Widget Pro.

Neat neutral shades or juicy citrus coloring are available in this app gallery. Whatever you choose to grow more successful and gain self-confidence, is right there.

Schedule your important meetings and timeouts effectively with Widget Pro screen designs. You will feel the difference pretty quickly.

It is noticed that users who are planning a very active day, are changing their Calendar widget in a brighter way, while resting days have calmer or greenish coloring.

Do not forget to add some red or scarlet mood to your romantic appointments set on the gadget. There are heart-shaped designs and other cute elements on the menu.

Pedometer widget

Modern people of all ages choose to move around a lot. It includes both traveling and sportive activities or indoors.

Pedometer became the most chosen and used asset worldwide. It assists a person in sportive walking, jogging, fitness exercises, or whatever.

Different categories of people want different options and possibilities from their iPhone pedometer. But all of them equally want some nice design.

Whether you’re a sportsman, a model, a dietology specialist, or just a healthy lifestyle lover, Widget Pro will serve you in the best way.

Count your steps, kilometers you covered, or exercising movements along with the prettiest styles and themes out of the app’s menu.

It’ll energize you extra, bring you joy and self-reassurance, together with long-expected excitement and the feeling of victory.

Photo widgets and images

The enjoyment of using Widget Pro app wouldn’t be complete without awesome photo widgets. Mega stylish and popular, they do add some refreshment.

If you admire high-quality pictures and sharp images of all kinds, use this widget on the app confidently. It is very well developed and thought through.

The way you frame and store your photos affect a lot your perception of them and comforting usage. Make your themes beautiful in accordance with your pics.

Cool styles appreciated even by the most progressive designers, are going to make your photo viewing and editing routine way more pleasant.

Top photo widgets are commented by Widget Pro users the most and promise to become real mood changers with all the upcoming updates.

Widget Pro tutorial for new users

The best apps always care to prepare users for exploring their product and provide some detailed guide for them.

Widget Pro does that for sure. Once you install and open the app, it shows you all further steps online so then you adjust your screen most easily.

As most users report, Widget Pro tutorial is fairly simple, kid-friendly, and senior-friendly, so everyone can manage following it without exceptions.

When using this automatic step-by-step guide, define what kind of themes and widgets you need exactly. You can also skip the guide and proceed by yourself.

Is Widget Pro good for teens

Nearly all modern apps in the market are questioned by caring parents who want to make sure they’re safe enough for younger users.

In case with Widget Pro, you would say it’s your teen’s best friend. It doesn’t imply any harmful data, neither it collects it in any way.

On another hand, the app develops a good taste, keeps young users trendy and up to date, makes them progressive enough for their same-age social environment.

Until they want to impress their peers with fancy screen looks and not with some risky stuff or bad content, they are safe. Widget Pro is on a good and creative side.

The pros of Widget Pro

Comparing to many other apps, this one is fairly intuitive and easy to use.

It is known to serve all users categories equally well, from kids to older members.

Widget Pro doesn’t take a lot of space or memory, yet it offers the wide range of themes and styles to one’s attention.

Funny or classical, plain or containing many element, these designs are indeed eye-catching and highly comforting.

Users admit they indeed improved their mood, productivity, or social communication with the help of Widget Pro options.

The most frequently chosen by youngsters and older personals, it ensures a big selection of visual tools and modern widgets at any time.

The cons of Widget Pro

Although the majority of real users are satisfied or happy with what Widget Pro gives, others want some improvement or extra updates.

As a rule, users wish to see some trendiest designs and skins that are added later anyway.

The developer is very professional in a field of contemporary design and technologies. So, users’ wishes are often met with the utmost enthusiasm.

To summarize, even when there are some complaints, they usually have a temporary character and solved fast.

The team of Widget Pro really cares to meet their users’ desires and listen to their suggestions.

Positive side effects of Widget Pro

Top designs of Widget Pro take into account all newest technologies, users’ eyes comfort, specialists, recommendations, and iPhone style itself.

One can be sure he’ll get soft shapes, clear and harmonious colors, and convenient interface. This is how users characterize Widget Pro.

Reportedly, they feel well-served with such a big assortment of choices and ultra quick response of the app.

Students who need to focus on their online education or school files, admit that Widget Pro themes comforted their vision a lot and helped to concentrate.

Meanwhile, business owners and office workers have benefitted a lot from the app’s simplicity and high-tech styles on the menu.

Underage personals who were using Widget Pro at least for a few weeks, have admitted its calming effect and a kind of relaxation they experienced.

It is achieved thanks to the clearest quality and harmonious or festive designs having a good impact on users’ psychological state and daily habits.

What users think of Widget Pro

Experts’ opinions about the app aren’t sufficient, newbies are interested in other users’ impressions in first hand.

Hundreds of positive reviews on the Internet prove once again Widget Pro is very useful and appreciated by its audience.

Detailed thoughts on its work are shared on App Store and on multiple forums. Users between 18 and 26 y.o. seem to be especially delighted by the platform.

The ability to diversify one’s screen skins and daily impressions is precious, users think. So, it’s worthy of trying for sure.





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