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Top 5 apps for speakers cleaning - Boost your sound quality

Among the top 5 apps for speakers cleaning, use those ones improving your sound quality the best way. Boost your sound and speaker easily

February 15, 2022 13:06 Top 5 apps for speakers cleaning - Boost your sound quality

Most people lead active lifestyle and therefore need their gadgets up to date, the top 5 apps for speakers cleaning are actual for everyone.

Whether your dynamic and speaker are clogged with dust or liquid, these great platforms will help you solve this frequent problem.

No. 1. Clear Wave by Brilic

The app Clear Wave from Brilic Media LLC. is rather outstanding. High-rated, multi-functional, with sharp design, it impresses.

The app quickly help test one’s phone or iPad and eject water or dust if that is the case. It is a must-have indeed, and chosen by many.

  • Decibel meter
  • Speaker cleaning
  • Noise meter
  • Dynamics cleaning
  • Clear sound test

The app is used for free, while all these essential features are offered as in-app purchases. It is very affordable and user-friendly.

Whether your device sound needs cleaning assistance right now or potentially during some trip, make sure to get Clear Wave app.

Water eject in seconds

Pouring liquids on our devices is what we do every day. You may walk by the waterplace or just wash your hands at home, there’s always some risk.

Having the apps like Clear Wave on your phone in advance is a brilliant decision. Then you will eject the drops of water, tea, or beer from your speakers ASAP.

On the opposite, not having the app ready beforehand is not very convenient. One should quickly Google what would help, and then install it.

Clear Wave is using the latest technologies to instantly succeed and relieve your speakers from unnecessary particles.

Dust and sand eject

Remove hard particles from your speaker and dynamic whatever happened to your phone. Protect it from further difficulties.

Eating with a phone or iPad can be a bad habit, but it’s especially harmful for the speakers and sound quality.

Whether you visited some dusty warehouse for work or walked in the sands, Clear Wave is there to help clean your gadgets.

Sound test and check

Speakers clogging isn’t always seen physically, it can be minimal yet affect your sound quality negatively.

Clear Wave is one of the few apps where this concept is understood, and users are offered to check their sound.

It is appropriate to do before and after cleaning. Then you will transparently see the difference and enjoy the outcome.

Both decibel meter and noise meter are crucial for optimizing all the processes connected with sound, from audio to speaking.

No. 2. Speaker Cleaner

Although mostly rated high or ok, Speaker Cleaner creates tension from the first seconds with its greenish color of the icon.

There is a detailed tutorial in the app description on how to eject water correctly with the help of Speaker Cleaner.

Other than that, there are no extra features at all, although some could be needed by users in addition to speaker cleaning.

It doesn’t look like the app helps against the hard particles too, such as dust, sand, or food waste in the dynamic and speakers.

Their technology is somewhat simpler and only provides a basic mix of sound and vibrations helping eject liquids.

Kid-friendly concept

Like most analog apps, Speaker Cleaner is meant for a 4+ audience. In this case, the parents’ assistance is needed.

Indeed, speaker cleaning apps are totally vital for kids’ gadgets and even in the case of toddlers being somewhere around.

Chances that someone will be constantly poured on your pricey phone grow higher. Choose between the apps to install.

Just note that Speaker Cleaner is mostly meant against liquids, so there will be no protection in case of sand and similar clogging reasons.

Free to use

Speaker Cleaner claims to be all-free. Moreover, no extra in-app purchases are offered to users.

It might be good for teens, seniors, and other less provided audience categories, but there are some cons too.

Many admit it’s better for them to have more choices on the app, even if paid ones. After all, it’s just fun to have many features.

If you’re an inquisitive and curious type too who likes all in one, move to another app, and if you’re ok with one basic option, choose Speaker Cleaner.

No. 3. Clean Sound

In today’s market, there are classical speaker cleaning apps and rather innovative ones with many new features.

At first sight, Clean Sound is intriguing and promises wonders. It indeed differs from very primitive applications.

On another hand, all it provides is special frequency against mosquitos and ultra high sound to scare away dogs.

In this regard, it may seem to be a must-have for kids and sensitive adults. But are these sounds and vibrations healthy for people?

It remains an open question, and now let’s see how Clean Sound manages its main task.

Real users’ opinions

Regardless of what experts say, it is always needed to consider the end users’ reviews first. They mostly seem to be ok with Clean Sound.

While others admit the ultra-high sound alone isn’t enough to eject big quantities of water or fine trash in speakers.

On top of that, the sound is uncomfortable for one’s ears, so users are not recommended to be anywhere around in the process.

So, it’s up to you whether to select Clean Sound or move to other applications.

No free features

Most apps for speakers cleaning offer at least the basic usage for free, and then extra possibilities after upgrade.

Clean Sound, meanwhile, asks for payment instantly after installing and opening it. For some, it can be an issue.

By statistics, the majority of users who need speakers cleaning regularly, are teens and young sportsmen or seniors.

These particular categories are at times short in money, and it would be helpful for them to use completely free apps.

Low efficiency

Nice design or comfy interface aren’t replacing the main thing, serving users well enough. It doesn’t look like Clean Sound is of strong assistance.

When looking at its reviews, it is quickly seen they are at least sincere. Users openly express their slight disappointment.

The high sound that doesn’t eject water or dust, doesn’t keep away mosquitos as promised, probably isn’t worthy of paying for.

Still, Clean Sound does little something like the moisture minimizing in speakers, so one may give it a chance.

No. 4. Clear Wave - Speakerapp

This particular application is rather free in the market, and definitely has its pros and cons for the audience.

Its great design and nice coloring are what users notice at first hand. Then comes the usability, and there can be pitfalls.

No water eject

All the interest in waves and tones is revolving around their practical side, being useful for iPhone owners.

There’s no point to entertain yourself with different waves as this developer suggests, unless you’re an amateur scientist.

The main reason why people search for speaker cleaning apps is their urgent need to eject water or dust and improve the sound.

Clear Wave - Speaker app doesn’t list this exact service in its long description. Users do not report this part either.

Volume and waveforms

The app really seems to be an entertaining kind of platform for bored folks as it offers multiple shapes of waveforms and volume change.

In addition, it helps check acoustics, take photos with indicating the noise level, and other specific stuff usual people have no interest in.

However, it can be recommended to inquisitive teens and school children keen on physics and light science. The app shall keep them busy. 

Yet, Clear Wave - Speaker app has nothing to do with dynamic and speakers cleaning which the majority of users seek.

Minimum of reviews

One of the main ways to attract a new audience is having a lot of real reviews on the main page.

There are just two of them this app has, literally, one positive and one negative. It is barely enough to make a decision.

What can be done in such cases is adding some more practical features and gathering more satisfied reports from users.

Until then, Clear Wave - Speaker app remains a rather decorative platform with limited tools.

No. 5. Sonic

Here we have another fun tone generator for younger teens and less busy adults. Sonic app develops in this direction.

Among the top 5 apps for speakers cleaning listed here, Sonic is the least connected with water eject or other technical help.

It just helps play with various tones and waveforms, and there’s nothing too professional to expect once you install it.

Self-assistance on the app

Although there’s no special feature or button for that, one can use his own knowledge to make his speakers cleaner with Sonic.

For that, he needs to adjust the 160khz frequency and wait. If the phone is in the right position, it will work automatically.

But since this option isn’t pre-programmed or included to the menu, the result may differ, and nothing is guaranteed.

In-App Purchases

Entertaining enough itself, Sonic also suggests extra modes for $1.99 each. Those are Sonic Waveforms and Presets.

In fact, there are just 5 basic waveforms with a few more to be added soon, and a somewhat bigger collection of tones.

But if you’re non-demanding and like additional tools in the apps you use, this shall cover your needs.

Once purchased, these packs allow select and set up the main waveform and the main tone on one’s iPhone.

The cons of Sonic app

As it is already seen, there’s a lack of online guide and step-to-step tutorials for new users on Sonic.

It is not really understood how and why use some particular frequency or tone. But users can make research.

Whatever experiment or game with frequencies they find on the Internet, they can try it on Sonic once installed.

But all that is done independently and Sonic doesn’t accompany curious users with its precise hints or manuals.

Parental control on Sonic

Although entertaining, Sonic isn’t meant for underage folks using it without the adults’ control at all.

The highest and lowest frequencies, weird tones shouldn’t be listened to for a long time or too close to the ear.

Once this recommendation is followed, Sonic is getting completely harmless and kid-friendly, with its fun colors and sounds.

Bluetooth and Apple watch

Sonic offers modern options such as Apple Watch version or streaming to Bluetooth & Airplay. It makes the app even more teen-focused.

If you aren’t sure how to keep your younger ones busy, get them Sonic for as little as a few dollars, and see together what it can do for them.

Just do not expect, as your other peers note, some miraculous help or practical solutions from Sonic, there are better apps for that.

Where to use Sonic

Since this app is a typical time-spender, it is mostly used between the lections, during the office lunch time, or in the public transport.

There’s no sign that Sonic could be used in urgent situations or for technical issues solving. But some users find a way to do that.

It’s your choice which platforms to choose among the top 5 apps for speakers cleaning, but also keep in mind their other cool features. 

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