Velocimetro: Gps Speedometer & Antiradar

Velocimetro: Gps Speedometer & Antiradar

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Find out the pros of Velocimetro app and why it is chosen by a big number of satisfied users. Select this best application for sportmen and bike folks

Stylish, cool, and free, Velocimetro app is created for all sport and bike lovers.

Easy and ultra trendy, this application combines all features you wanted to see.

Count seconds, kilometers, speed, and track your own success.

Price and purchases


GPS Speedometer Trial - $3.99

Mph Tracker Speedometer - $7.99

The app is free or inexpensive and affordable for all users categories.

Family Sharing option is available once the purchase is made.

High rating and responses

Velocimetro is a young yet popular app for youngsters and other age groups interested in sports, jogging, or long walks.

Many have already left their positive reviews, and the app rating remains high.

Most users admit it is helpful, well-thought through, and multi-functional. The app’s visual look is also appreciated.

The speed accuracy, the absence of bugs, and modern display are already making it a favorite in this market area.

Where to use Velocimetro

The app can be good for jogging in the closest park, but it is much more fun to use it on a big open space while biking on high speed.

Whether it’s on the empty highway, or among the mountains, Velocimetro enchants and makes things more fun.

Taking that it allows sharing with your folks or buddies, you can compare your speed and compete all the way long with its help.

The app is perfect for outdoors, very visible, well heard, and responds to all expected technical requirements.

Is Velocimetro good for me

The apps like Velocimetro, and there are just a few of them, turn one’s iPhone or iPad into a powerful computer registering sport achievements.

Since it keeps being updated weekly, one can soon expect even a wider assortment of helpful tools and extra instruments.

Among the most demanded features, there is live tracking with one’s sport mates, live maps for bicycling and jogging, and much more.

What most users admit is being highly discouraged by the app to improve their physical skills and succeed better than before.

Being so stylish and aesthetically looking, Velocimetro helps associate sports with such trendy look and coolness.

Many have reported they achieved better results exactly thanks to the app concept, look, and innovative features suggested with care.

Why choose Velocimetro

There are modern applications today helping people track their sportive and outdoor activities in order to live healthier.

Velocimetro is one of them, and it is heading to the top of leaders. It does affect its users positively and provides them with needed tools.

  • Antiradar helps control one’s speed
  • Speedometer shows the most accurate and sharp results
  • HUD feature assists in focusing on the road only
  • Min, Max, and average speed

Plus to great technical side, Velocimetro is inspiring and motivational for all bicycle lovers and other sportsmen.

For beginners, it becomes perfect guide to the world of motion and active lifestyle. While for progressive doers, it is a necessary daily asset.

Who uses Velocimetro

The app is highly appreciated and already recommended a lot by urban folks and aventurous personals seeking new trips and roads.

Travelers of all kinds and ages are sending their grateful feedback for Velocimetro developing and its unique features.

Drivers, bike lovers, long-distance walkers, travelers by other transport means are already using Velocimetro a lot and liking it.

Reportedly, the app is also admired by aesthetic users who are into dark themes and cool minimalistic styles.

Once you join this big audience, feel free to write review and tell about your hobbies that respond to the Velocimetro concept.

Why track your speed

Only inquisitive contemporary folks are into this feature, tracking and distance measuring. It is also used in fitness and jogging apps.

If you like competing with your buddies or relieving stress with the help of high speed, Velocimetro is your choice.

As researches show, it’s a kind of dynamic meditation for modern men to drive or bike at different speed and compete.

If combined with the music listening, it can be truly therapeutic. Although Velocimetro concept is on users’ focusing on the road.

Create your own zone of comfort with Velocimetro, and feel the drive or measure your daily activities precisely and safely.

The cons of Velocimetro app

There are no common cons on Velocimetro such as bugs, glitches, or non-stable connection. All works smoothly, real users report.

The most demanding ones may require more features for sportmen like steps tracking and such, and this can be added with time.

Other users may want more themes and styles for the app screen, but the majority stand for neat dark design that is recent.

For now, Velocimetro serves and covers all needs regarding the speed track and safe driving or biking.

It is exactly good for this reason, giving what is promised. All options listed on the app menu, are given in full volume and respectively.

Is Velocimetro for women

There is no strict gender differentiation today, not just for the apps usage but also for offline activities or hobbies.

Modern females do drive or bike as much as guys, sometimes even more. Just they may be more cautious and slow.

Yet, Velocimetro speed tracker is needed even for cautious ones, either in practical regard or for the purposes of entertaining.

Stylish and trendy girls prefer black coloring with cool shadows to pinky themes. So, there’s no restriction to who can use Velocimetro.

On the opposite, it is even strongly recommended to late teen females and senior ladies who need to stay especially precise in speed.

Parental control on Velocimetro

No one said Velocimetro app should only be used by adults for serious technical matters and measurements.

Its official age range is 4+, and it exactly means that your toddler on his toy bike or car can easily use it too.

No parental control is needed for that as Velocimetro has no explicit or doubtful content, all is clear and decent.

It’s just a stylish speed tracker that will develop your child’s caution and aesthetic visual preferences. Let kiddies use it with joy.

The social role or Velocimetro

The apps that assist people’s hobbies, sportive or daily activities, play a big social role. Velocimetro is among them too.

Whether you want to raise your skills in order to get more successful in others’ eyes, or compete with them, this app will help.

Many report they started to feel the speed better and improved their orientation on the road after regular usage of Velocimetro.

So, it’s a great way to get more social and find more topics for discussing with one’s buddies or colleagues out of work.

One’s success rate in society is the most important thing nowadays. Use Velocimetro to make sure you’re in tune.

How to know you need Velocity

A big variety of members on this app is showing it is need by literally any category.

Everyone who is using his own or rented transport, not public, may find interest in speed tracking and competing.

Whether it's active lifestyle, sport car hobbies, or regular daily transportation, Velocity adds more fun.

Users like sharing their results by posting them or inviting new app members out of their circle.

Get trendy and raise your skills from biking to communication, with nicely designed and developed Velocity.

The don'ts on Velocity

Although the app is made the way that one is getting more cautious and focused, it is recommended to put effort by oneself too.

Do not be distracted by either app design and features or your competitors' results when you're on the road.

Make sure to stay highly concentrated on its challenges or your driving and biking process.


It is not advised to take any alcohol or other stimulators when tracking speed on Velocity, as this doesn't respond to the idea of safe driving.

Is Velocity the best

There are similar apps in the market and their concept seems the same. But the performance differs.

When the speed tracker is accompanied and overloaded with many other functions, it means the entertainment factor already prevails over the practical part.

Velocity makes sure it never happens, and cares about its users' safety on the road.

The list of features should be reasonable, brief, and straight to the point.

Then the app will cover exactly the needs of its target audience, precise tracking and measurement, and safe competing.

Velocity and senior users

Velocity app is totally senior-friendly, with its big symbols and clearly visible widgets.

Personals with weaker eyesight can easily recognise the numbers on the screen and enjoy measuring their speed.

Avid bike users of older age especially like that. Bicycling and jogging are typical activities of modern seniors who care to stay healthy.

Among positive reviews, there are many from older people who are grateful and find it extremely useful.

It’s another reason to go for Velocity among other assisting apps for bike lovers and drivers, getting healthier and happier.

Perspectives of Velocity

The first thing that Velocity app develops in its users is strong discipline. They are getting addicted to the app, in a good way.

It helps gain good habits such as waking up early, being on time with the sleep, in order to get better results in their recent speed tracking.

The apps like Velocity educate and train us extremely well, and it includes strong focus on driving or skills raise.

With each day of further using this multi-functional online speedometer, one is getting more cqutious, rational, and healthily obsessed with high speed.

With the perspective of adding even more features and possibilities, Velocity becomes a very attractive tool for car, bike, and sport admirers.

The app importance for teens

Youngsters can be recueless and clueless. That’s a fact, and there’s nothing offensive about it.

It’s normal to have some extra tools for safety, caution, winning over teammates on the road in a secure way.

And here we find out this is what Velocimetro does. As it cares both about experienced and amateur drivers, teens can feel safe having it.

The utmost care is quality, and this is what Velocimetro definitely provides to all categories of its audience.

Just follow its simple step-by-step guide, get acquainted to the interface, and ensure your activities are harmless from now.

It’s also about the discipline and good habits all youngsters may need above all. This advantages make Velocity teen-friendly.

Teams and groups using of Velocity

This fun and trendy speed tracker is growing popular among teammates and corporative workers in need for sports.

The app price is so affordable and its usage is so comfortable that it turns a real office motivator for physical training.

Whether it’s jogging, sportive driving, or a corporative weekend on bikes, Velocity is demanded by all members.

It’s a great modern idea to have a favorite app for all the office or company of friends and unite around it.

Velocity is very uniting and stimulating for sure, so it covers more and more pro-active teams worldwide and keeps this tendency going.

If you think this great app could be helpful for your co-workers or buddies as well, feel free to suggest that and benefit from the app quality.


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