Clear Wave – Water Eject

Clear Wave – Water Eject

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Clear Wave – Water Eject

Get to know the top reasons to use Clear Wave by Brilic Media LLC and choose it over the analog apps for dynamics cleaning and sound improving

The Clear Wave app is one of the best tools against dust or unwanted moisture in the phone dynamics and speaker.

Appreciated by thousands of users, it keeps on improving its features and upgrading continuously. It is suitable for the youngest 3+ members even.

Thanks to being harmless and highly intuitive, Clear Wave opens its opportunities and extra options both to a sensitive and regular audience.

Water ejecting feature

The basic point of the Clear Wave app, water ejecting plays a big role in choosing this platform by new and stable customers.

It’s a frequent occurrence that we take our phones everywhere with us and get them wet or dusty. It’s not an issue anymore, thanks to the apps like this one.

Cleaning the speaker and dynamics can be a daily and regular help needed by everyone. Clear Wave makes sure to provide that.

The specially developed type of frequency and vibrations are a great innovation supporting common users’ needs and keeping the phone up to date.

Decibel Meter feature

This popular option helps measure the noise level around the device and estimate whether it remains below the risky level.

If it’s too high, one can point out what exactly causes the undesired noise, and control this accordingly. Like, changing the laundry machine.

Although it sounds like another kind of entertainment, a decibel meter is in fact an important daily asset that affects one’s health positively.

Routinely noises we do not notice may decrease our ability to work or spoil our relaxation time. So, do benefit from this Clear Wave feature.

Volume Booster feature

The most common negative consequence of clogged dynamics is weak sound. The Volume Booster feature helps to keep on improving it.

Once all is cleaned already, the sound can be perfected even further by using this unique option provided by the Clear Wave app.

Whether your aim is hearing your interlocutor better or enjoying the high-quality music, consider trying the Volume Booster feature at first hand.

Voice recorder feature

It may seem to be less actual to record one’s voice if the main purpose is cleaning. But one option results in another.

There’s nothing more pleasant than to record voices or sounds once the speaker is unclogged and optimized. Experience that with Clear Wave.

It is developed specially for the users’ comfort in all regards connected with the speaker anddynamic mechanical improvement.

So, do not underestimate this opportunity to raise the sound quality and record something you might really enjoy at the end.

Repeated cleaning

Some users report the Clear Wave app can be launched several times in turn, especially if the dynamics are heavily clogged.

The vibration and low-frequency sound are meant to remove the dust particles and moisture without any harm to the gadget itself.

Use the app twice or as many times as needed if you feel there’s still some dirt remaining. Make sure to improve the sound considerably.



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